Amazing holidays for the whole family in one of Ayia Napa villa rentals

Every year there is a big discussion at home about where to go for our summer holidays! Our teens love going to a coastal area where they can enjoy the beach, do water sports and have a variety of things to do. On the other hand, my husband and I prefer something more relaxed and private in a warm and sunny place. The best place we know that combines these two is Ayia Napa in Cyprus.  Ayia Napa, is a summer holiday resort in Cyprus very famous for its beautiful beaches, (Nissi Beach highly recommended) and its cosmopolitan character appeals to the young ones. Because we wanted to combine privacy with pleasure, we decided that Ayia Napa villa rentals would be the best answer to keep everyone happy. We chose to stay in a villa with a private pool in the Ayia Thekla area, only a few steps from the beach. The location of the villa was excellent as it was only a short distance from the town’s main square where you can visit the beautiful medieval monastery or young adults can go for clubbing as the main nightlife with the top bars and clubs are all around here. Last but not least, the Waterworld Waterpark in Ayia Napa is an excellent place for fun, especially if there are teens or kids in the family! We had such an amazing time there and we spent the whole day together. There are many companies offering a wide range of Ayia Napa villa rentals to choose from depending on your needs, we researched a few and found the property that we liked and easily booked online. And even though Ayia Napa is very popular for its nightlife, it is very popular with families and is we certainly saw that its becoming well known for family holidays as well.

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