Great family holiday in Protaras at one of Protaras villa rentals in Cyprus

Our family holiday last year in Protaras was great. Protaras is a lovely coastal area in Cyprus with beautiful white sandy beaches.  We would spend most of the day at the beach and also enjoyed doing water sports at Fig Tree Bay. It was a really nice experience for the whole family, including our teenage kids, and also exciting especially doing the “fly fish” which was like a rollercoaster in the water! At night, we also used to enjoy delicious corn on the cob cooked on the charcoal by locals along the side of the road in the main village square whilst enjoying a relaxing walk (highly recommended!). Last year, instead of going to a hotel which is what we normally do, we choose to stay at a villa right next to the beach as we find villa holidays are much cheaper for larger families who need more than 1 hotel room and we’ve always found they offer all the necessary facilities for a great stay and it means you are not told what time to eat breakfast, lunch or have to eat from same menu every day for 2 weeks. When we were searching, we found many companies offering Protaras villa rentals to choose from depending on your budget and what you need from your villa. One more tip – make sure you get car rental packaged in too so you can get around and do more things in Protaras and neighbouring Ayia Napa.

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